Monday, March 23, 2009

Soccer - They have to start somewhere.

The older boys had their first real experience with soccer this past Saturday. They are on seperate teams (for their ages) and have a team of about 8 or 9 other children. Drew enjoyed his practice and thought the "drills" were fun but had a hard time focusing once the game began. A really smart person decided to only allow 3 kids from each team play at a time on little fields. (I remember tons of crazy zealous kids running around a huge field when I was little. I didn't play but I coached little chearleaders once.) The coach rotated the kids out regularly and ran along side of them telling them what to do. Some kids stayed with the ball, some barely left the sidelines or the middle of the field. Some kids decided to be goaly and stood in front of the goal whether it was their teams or not. My kid? Sometimes he ran with the ball. Sometimes, he ran in circles. Sometimes he would be right with the ball. Other times, he would stand on the side and yell, "Go Blue" while no one was kicking the ball because they were all standing around, running in circles, and standing in the goal. It was quite a day. In the end, Drew's team "won" but we know every team is a winner. He really enjoyed it and can't wait until next week.

Logan. Well, Logan's team was hallarious. Not, mind you, because they did funny things. They were funny doing nothing! Every kid (except the coaches kid) was scared of being on the field during practice and the game. By the end of the game, all of the parents were on the field with thier child holding thier hands just to make them do something. And, they actually won. (Again, I know...everyone wins.) He wouldn't say whether or not he liked it, but on the way to the car he made his mommy proud and asked, "Can we go play football now?"