Thursday, March 25, 2010

"I am going to live forever!"

Logan to Drew: "I am going to live forever!"
Drew to Logan: "No, when you get really old you will die."
Logan to Drew: "Do you know what part of my body is going to live forever?"
Drew: "No"
Logan: "My soul, in heaven."
I am crying a little.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Peyton, and all of her 3 year old self, often calls me "Mom." Not "Mommy" or "Momma" like the boys, but "Mom." Every time she says it, I flash forward to her being 16 and adding a little drawl in the middle, "" I imagine this will also include the traditional teenage eye-roll. I hate it. I am not the only one who doesn't like her "grown up" name for me. When she says it around Pete, he gives her a little nudge, "Sweety, let's call her Mommy." Even Drew and Logan get in on our plea to keep her young. Logan will say, "It's Mommy, Peyton" with an exasperated tone. In the car today, Drew lovingly gave her a mini lecture, "We should call her Mommy or Momma, but Mom is what older boys and girls call their mommies. "

All of this is an ever present reminder that my children, my Peyton, will grow up and it will be speedy. I am not afraid of them growing up although I am like most moms who think it all happens too fast. I am, however, afraid of the changes that come with our children growing up. I already can see so many personality changes in my children and I realize that I went through many myself as I grew up. I so desire a great relationship with my children as they go through every stage in life.

Lord, I pray that whatever changes my children go through, Pete and I will always be the most influential people in their lives (until they are married!) and Lord, please make Peyton call me "Mommy."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My big question lately has been, "How do I boost my kids/families immunity?" First of all, dumb question to ask to such a wide variety of people with such varying ideas about health! Second, dumb question to ask when there are such differing opinions (none of which are founded) in the medical community. It is amazing to me that there are so many "hyper" opinions about a topic that is so subjective in it's research. Depending on what article you read, who wrote it, what angle the writer was using, and who was "funding" the article, you get amazingly different opinions on vitamins, nutrients, and other factors that effect or don't effect immunity.

I have read a plethora of information over the last couple of days about immunity and illnesses and what we as the "lay person" can do to protect ourselves from the thousands of strands of viruses and germs that lay in our paths everyday. What have I learned? Nothing. You can exercise too much, or not enough. You can eat too many veggies and not enough protein or not enough veggies and too much protein. Vitamins don't break down in a way that is ultimately helpful or vitamins are the only way for Americans to get enough of the certain nutrients needed to be healthy.

My conclusion. Do the best I can. I have so much to have "mommy guilt" about that this is the last thing that I need to stress and focus on. Whether or not the "Triscuits" that I put on my children's plate for lunch today will cause "Attention Deficit Disorder" or be a good source of wheat for them should not debilitate me. Yes, I gave my children a piece of candy as a reward for being quiet during nap time this afternoon. I don't think they will break out in hives or get the next thing that goes around church because of it.

I do think that I can try to give my children the best foods that I can get them to open their mouths for and offer as many nutritious options for their meals as possible. I can give them opportunity for activity and exercise. I can wash hands, mouths, and behind the ears. I can love my children with all my heart and pray for them daily.

I pray today, Lord, that my family stays healthy.