Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday's Serious Question

What "photo organization software" do you use? 

I have a serious photo organization problem!  They are scattered here, there, and everywhere and I can't seem to get a grasp on them.  I have 5 (YES 5!) different photo organization systems on my computer right now.  They each have different things that I like and don't like about them so I skip between them.  I need to get a handle on this! 

Also, how do you easily file them?  Do you rename them?  I started renaming by the person in the picture but good grief it takes forever!  Then, I tried to just move to folders, and again, forever.  I need serious photo help.  


  1. I keep mine on the computer in folders by month (2010 March, 2010 April, etc.) That way I don't have to remember when they were taken. Then, at the end of each month I load them on (putting them again in folders named by month) so if something were to happen to my computer, I'd still have them somewhere. I used to use kodak gallery, but since I'm doing digital photo books now instead of scrapbooking, I like shutterfly's options.

  2. I like picasa.
    1.It's not a huge program.
    2. Organizes pics in files by date
    3. Also tags all pics by person
    4. Other tag options available.