Monday, September 27, 2010

Classical Conversations Board

I have been asked about my board so I thought it would be easier to just post it here once and you can email me with questions if you need to.  Here is the final project.
 The materials are:  large foam tri-fold board, laminated colored paper, magnetic strips, plastic or wooden clothes pins, dry erase markers.
 I match the colors to the memory cards just for more continuity.  You can get a pack of printer paper with all of these colors in them at the School Box or any office supply store.  I had one of each color laminated.
 I used the long magnetic strips and cut them in half instead of the dots because they are more forgiving while putting them up.  You have to get the dots exactly right every time so the strips just seemed easier.  To mount the strips in the correct spot, lie the foam board on the floor and place all of the paper where you want them.  Then, take off the adhesive on one strip and stick it to the paper in each corner.  Take the adhesive off of another strip and stick the magnets together.  Adhere the adhesive side of the paper and magnet in the correct spot.  This helps get the paper even and the strips correctly spaced.  I used magnets instead of Velcro because it is easier to take on and off.
 I write the memory work on the sheets each Monday.  I take the papers back and forth to class and the magnets stick to each other so they don't erase by moving around.  This obviously isn't an issue if you don't tutor or need to move the papers. 
 This is what the board looks like blank.
 These are the plastic clips that I got from the dollar store.  I use them to clip the time line cards to the top.  I think they work better than the wooden ones because they don't brake as easily.

I use my board every weekday.  We have a "Morning Meeting" every morning (except Tuesdays that we are at Classical Conversations.)  We have prayer, go over the calendar, letters and numbers for the littles, Bible verses, Catechisms, and our CC memory work.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I hope that helped!


  1. Really enjoyed hearing all your neat ideas last night. You are amazing. Your explanation with pictures helps make it all concrete. I may just have to go back to a board this year for ds2. He has this year and next in Foundations before moving on to Challenge and ds3 will start this journey next fall. Thanks for posting!