Thursday, April 15, 2010

Question of the Day!

What do you do (if anything) to "relax" during the day?
What do you wish you could do?

I put the kids down for "rest" time everyday, whether they are still nappers or not. They must lay on their beds and look at books while I go to each of them and read them a story that they picked out and sing them each their favorite song. Drew then has his reading time. Logan and Peyton lay in thier beds quietly for at least 30 minutes to an hour. If they don't fall asleep, Drew may play in my room quietly with Legos and Logan an Peyton play quietly with toys in thier rooms (all doors closed) until Carter wakes up. He still always takes naps. This gives me alone time with each child during the day and it gives me "down" time to refresh for the evening to come. What do I wish I could do, well if I could throw in a bubble bath and a glass of wine, that would be awesome!
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  1. i cherish naps. any length, any time. although i usually wake up grump.y

  2. The opportunity to finish an Agatha Christie with a cup or two of tea and 7 or 9 chocolate chip cookies. Or 10 minutes to talk with hubby before supper.

  3. Naps are awesome! My 5 year old hasn't taken one in years! I relax at the end of the day when my daughter and husband go to bed. I enjoy the quietness of the house and catch up on some computer stuff.

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