Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Woes

I know that is better to look at the positive, but sometimes, it feels good to get out the negative!  So, give me your Wednesday Woe.  I'll start.

Muddy yard.  It seems that our yard is so consistently muddy that I can't let the kids play outside unless I know they can come straight it and change and bathe.  This is just a little aggravation for me.  I know, no biggy, but I thought I would "ease" us into it!

Alright, what'cha got?


  1. Josh out of town for 5 out of 7 nights. Missing him and trying to remain patient with the boys!

  2. Toothache that needs a dentist who has cancelled on me twice and I can't complain about it - he has cancelled on me because his mother is dying and he is trying to be with her...but my tooth hurts and now I have to wait ANOTHER week!

  3. Heather - wish I was there to hang out!

    Gretchen - ouch. sorry. Could you see another dentist?

  4. No woes here--just checking out some more blogs via the UBP!